Search Engine Optimization

SEO can be a long and tedious experience for even the most experienced developer and with google changing their algorithms as well as SEO evolving, it is no wonder many developers are turning to SEO specialists like us, to keep you ‘in the game’ and adapting to every little change that is sure to happen. In 2019 you need to be more strategic than ever before and you will need to really understand what your target is looking for when they search the web.


This will become more prevalent as the year progresses. Rich snippets will also continue to make waves in 2019Our approach is a simple yet extremely effective strategy that involves the key metrics in any SEO project-these being focused on the user, their specific needs, any motivators as well as online behaviour. These key metrics will help us establish a framework with which our SEO experts adapt and get you that ranking foothold. How will the users benefit from visiting your site and more importantly, how much will they spend?

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